About Us


My Training

  • Institute for Transformational Nutrition Graduate
  • HNCB Board Certified 
  • Additional training from Seeking Health Educational Institute in nutrigenomics and epigenetics.
  • Additional training from Metabolic Healing on biochemical pathways and interpretation of specific testing related to nutrition. 
  • Bachelors in Education at Missouri State University 
  • Masters in Curriculum and Instruction at Grand Canyon University 

My Story

 I was inspired to become a Transformational Nutrition Coach after a ten year struggle with my own health-related issues. For me, the battle involved unexplained weight gain, food sensitivities and symptoms of potentially life threatening diseases. I know firsthand the frustration of spending a tremendous amount of time and money consulting with practitioners of conventional medicine who could not deliver the needed breakthrough. After consulting with my sixteenth doctor, I began to understand that a different approach was needed. Through private study, I learned that for every disease and disorder, there is an underlying cause. When I identified the underlying causes for my issues and began addressing them, I began to see immediate improvement. Now I help others with their health-related issues through the same approach. I identify harmful fungi, bacteria, or viruses in the body using frequencies (similar to zyto) and recommend natural substances to support the body. I advise clients on how to resolve other issues by opening the body’s biochemical pathways to achieve wellness naturally. My greatest joy comes when a client experiences a breakthrough after a lengthy struggle like mine, or feels hope for the first time in years. You can experience true wellness. Let me put my knowledge and experience to work for you. 

Customer Testmonials

David F -I just met with Melanie for a follow up appointment to go over results from a urine test I completed to learn about my hormone results in certain categories, how my adrenal gland is working and how my body metabolizes hormones. We also reviewed my Cortisone Cortisol patterns. Does this sound confusing? That's why I go to Melanie. She is amazing and can explain in layman's terms what the results of many tests mean. DNA results and more. The benefit for me is I'm becoming a healthier me. 

Our Four Step Approach

Step One – Obtain nutrients needed for life  In this step we walk you through how to obtain these nutrients and what to avoid to help these nutrients be absorbed properly. 

Step Two - Identify Root Pathogens  In this step we identify potential root pathogens using vials with frequencies and then identify oils or supplements to support the immune system. 

Step Three – Rebuild the gut and immune system  This a continuation of the last step where we continue to support the immune system. This part of the process is designed to strengthen your immune system so that the pathogens will not return.  

Step Four – Look at Gene Function  At this point in the process we can now look at gene function to better see what bio-chemical pathways need support. We can then recommend natural supplements to support any deficiencies.  

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