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Are you struggling with:

-Rheumatoid Arthritis     -Sleep Disorders

-Thyroid Disorders          -Hormonal Imbalances

-Emotional Struggles      -Leaky Gut

-Tick-Borne Illness          -Diabetes Type 1,2,3

-Irritable Bowel Syndrome  -Other Symptoms


 Every disease and disorder has an underlying cause. Unfortunately, treatment is often symptom oriented and the underlying cause remains undiscovered. Common underlying causes are chronic dehydration, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and biofilms which hide all of these from our immune systems. 


Melanie Polk


Certified Transformation Nutrition Coach 

NANP Board Certified 

Bachelors of Science and Masters in Education

 I coach clients to uncover the root causes of their short and long term illnesses through frequency scans. I then recommend products that are compatible and supportive to the systems of the body. This helps the immune system to begin functioning properly and fighting the root cause, allowing the person to experience a healthy, vibrant life once again. 

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Adult Care

 Have you been to doctor after doctor with no real help?
Are you struggling to lose weight and keep it off?
Are you ready to look for the root cause?
Do you have a 23andme report and want to know what to do now? 

Young Children & Adolescent Care

 Is your child struggling with speech delay, learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, anxiety issues, asthma, or food sensitivities? 

Live a Happy, Healthy, Vibrant Life

To achieve a happy, healthy, vibrant life one must eliminate harmful chemicals and pathogens. Using supplements we can then begin to rebuild your gut and immune system. Then by supporting your unique body system and obtaining proper nutrition one can attain a Happy, Healthy, Vibrant Life! 



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